Off-Grid Rural Electrification in Bangladesh: Success Story of the National Solar Home Program and a Solar Mini-grid Service

March 5, 2014 - 12:00pm - 1:00pm
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Households in remote and dispersed areas of Bangladesh are currently adopting Solar Home Systems (SHS) as an alternative to the national grid service. It has become one of the most viable off-grid electrification choices in the country. Application of SHSs has reached record levels in the distant and remote corners of the country, as it was predicted by a market assessment study from a decade ago. About 70,000 households are installing SHS every month, covering more than 8% of total households in Bangladesh. National Solar Program implemented by IDCOL is successful with the active roles of the NGOs, and the private sector, in micro-financing SHS since 2003. The presentation will highlight on the institutional aspects of the SHS program that covers 2.73 million household, and the results of scaling up with nearly commercial operations.

Second part of the seminar will present a 100 kW Solar mini grid service, replacing Diesel micro grids, in the remote off-grid rural market of Bangladesh, highlighting technical and commercial issues for the service provider. Financial planning of solar mini grid requires an optimum blend of consumer categories, with demand and supply side energy management as important aspects of a sustainable rural electrification service. Policy-wise, subsidized financing with attractive incentives for the private service providers is essential at this early stage of solar mini-grid deployment.


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