EAEI Tools Seminar #1 - EAEI Tools: Energy Analysis/Technologies and Performance

February 13, 2014 - 12:00pm - 1:00pm
Seminar Host/Point of Contact: 

(This is the first in a series of EAEI Tools Seminars.)

What technical resources are available through EETD's Energy Analysis and Environmental Impacts (EAEI) groups? Come look for collaboration opportunities, learn about innovative approaches, and better understand activities outside your own group.

EAEI develops and makes available a wide range of tools, models, software, and data resources to inform and assist policymakers, support innovation in industry, and advance the impact of research in laboratories and academia.

Tools presented in this seminar:

1. AMO LIGHTnUP - Lifecycle Industry GHgas Technology and Energy through the User Phase - Analysis tool that aims to capture both the manufacturing sector energy consumption and product life-cycle energy consumption implications of manufacturing innovation measures. (Presenter: Bill Morrow)

2. Product Life-Cycle Costs and Payback Period Analysis (LCC/PBP) - Calculate, at the consumer level, the savings in operating costs compared to any increase in purchase and installation cost likely to result directly from a given efficiency standard for appliances and commercial equipment. (Presenter: Greg Rosenquist)

3. COMBAT - Commercial Building Analysis Tool for Energy-Efficient Retrofits - Analyze commercial building retrofit energy savings and investment cost-effectiveness. (Presenter: Wei Feng)

4. LEAP - China Energy End-Use Model (China 2050 Model) - To evaluate comprehensive energy policies, future scenarios, supply options and energy, emissions and pollutants analysis. (Presenter: Nina Khanna)

5. Biofuels LCA Tool - Biofuels Life-cycle Assessment Tool - County level cellulosic ethanol production cost model and life-cycle emissions tool. (Presenter: Corinne Scown)

6. VTAG - Vehicle Technology Adoption For Greenhouse Gas Reduction - VTAG is a Python-based model for applying sales-based alternative vehicle consumer adoption curves to baseline U.S. Annual Energy Outlook vehicle sales projections in order to model the resulting automobile-related energy use and greenhouse gas emissions through 2050. The model is implemented on a county level and accounts for population growth, regional differences in driving behavior, and changes to fuel availability and vehicle fuel economy. (Presenter: Corinne Scown)


A recording of this  seminar is available at:  https://vimeo.com/86737884





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