Art & Alan Were Right: It's the Plug Loads. And What To Do About It.

January 31, 2014 - 12:00pm - 1:00pm
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Most Californian homes now have electric smart meters. HEA provides a low-cost online tool that quickly and accurately diagnoses the top areas of energy waste in a home, providing a triage service for residents and energy consultants. The talk will provide an overview of the tool and summarize results from over 1,000 participants in Energy Upgrade Mountain View.  Results include measured savings in energy use, utility bills and GHG emissions and a wealth of new data about how Californian homes use energy.  Steve hopes the talk will inspire discussions about how this type of data and analysis can improve energy efficiency programs and our understanding of residential energy use.


About the seminar title - For those who don't know who "Art & Alan" are:

Art Rosenfeld is U.C. Berkeley Professor of Physics Emeritus and LBNL Guest Senior Scientist 

Read more about Art Rosenfeld here:


Alan Meier is Senior Scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and a faculty researcher at the Energy Efficiency Center at the University of California, Davis

Read more about Alan Meier here:

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