Big Data, Standards, the Common Information Model for Utility Data Management

November 18, 2013 - 3:30pm - 4:30pm
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This seminar will discuss Big Data, Standards, the CIM and the challenges for utilities moving away from application data 'silos' towards integrated Enterprise Data.  Open Grid Systems are looking at 'Big Data' from the perspective of data integration and the challenges of integrating multiple, disparate sources with incompatible naming and identification into a single, standard definition. This brings in the benefits and challenges for utilities and vendors when adopting open standards like IEC61970/61968 (the Common Information Model - CIM) and the need to either migrate and integrate existing legacy data and interfaces to use CIM.

We will discuss how a Model Driven Architecture (MDA) can facilitate this process and can be combined with Model Driven Transformation (MDT) to provide a powerful architecture to support the transformation of data between multiple structures and formats including CIM, IEC61850, PSLF, CYME, SynerGEE MultiSpeak and other power system data formats. We'll discuss how this integrated, single, standard view of data can help utilities to better understand and use their data.

To finish we'll talk about some of our ongoing projects including mobile data applications for field crews and CIM-based data conversion and integration of network data at distribution utilities.

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