Eutricity Eu-Max ADR LED System

September 13, 2013 - 12:00pm - 1:00pm
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Eutricity will install the first pilot of our Eu-Max ADR LED at the NASA Ames Research Center.  It will consist of replacing 84 fluorescent lamps with four foot long circuit board strips with LEDs mounted on the surface.

Existing fluorescent lamps will be removed, and these strips will be attached with double-sided tape to the tops of the light fixtures. We will install our Power Router at the lighting electric panel and route the 380VDC output through the existing lighting circuits. The wires that were feeding AC to the fluorescent ballasts are disconnected and re-wired to our pig tail wire connector, and plugged into the LED strips.

An OpenADR 2.0B certified networking system from IPKeys will be connected to the centralized output of the Power Router feeding all the lamps. When an ADR signal is received, our dimmer will dim all the lamps in tandem to a pre-contracted level. Our internal energy meters will then feedback the energy use reduction to our servers, and to the utilities and ISOs to prove that we did what we contracted with them.

We will then attach a battery pack that can be switched to supply power to the LEDs. We will first show we surpass DLC specs for the energy efficiency side, and then show how our real time energy use reductions from the AC grid from both dimming and from battery operation can benefit the market.  We will demonstrate how managing the demand and supply side with on-site DC-output Distributed Energy Resources, and real time energy feedback, can usher in a new way to bring ADR lighting to the mass markets; supporting Transactive Energy markets.

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