Integrate Real-Time Weather with Thermostat Electrical Usage Data to Improve Load Management and Building Analytics

September 10, 2013 - 12:00pm - 1:00pm
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Weather and its dynamics are big drivers of energy usage. Integration of key weather variables - solar, wind, and temperature - into home energy management and demand response programs is critical to maximizing energy efficiency and cutting costs. Earth Networks is the owner of the WeatherBug brand and observation network with over 10,000 commercial-grade weather stations in North America that provide observations of 27 environmental parameters every 2.5 seconds.

SmartHome developed by Earth Networks Inc. is an innovative home energy analytics service that compares Green Button data with the company's high quality, hyper-local weather information. This high resolution weather information and Green Button data is combined with sophisticated algorithms to analyze home energy use and recommend actions to reduce energy consumption enabling improved load management for utilities.

SmartHome plus is an innovative demand response and home energy management service that combines data from connected thermostats to optimize temperature schedules for energy efficiency and low-impact demand response.

This talk will introduce the SmartHome and SmartHome Plus services in detail and discuss the potential of using the similar framework for commercial buildings.

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