Transactive Control and Coordination

March 15, 2013 - 12:00pm
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Transactive control and coordination is PNNL’s approach to operationalizing smart grid distributed assets.  It is a specific case of the general class of techniques the GridWise Architecture Council refers to as transactive energy – “techniques for managing the generation, consumption or flow of electric power within an electric power system through the use of economic- or market-based constructs, with full consideration of grid reliability constraints.   The term “transactive” comes from considering that decisions are made based on a value.  These decisions may be analogous to or literally economic transactions.”  Transactive energy approaches are designed to control and coordinate millions distributed assets in the future power grid such as demand response, distributed storage and generation, smart inverters, and electric vehicles, creating what functionally is a virtual control system – despite these assets largely being owned and operated by customers or other third parties – capable of the smooth steady, predictable response required by utility operators.  This presentation will describe the basic motivation for transactive energy and some of the requirements for large-scale deployment of smart grid that it is trying to address.  It will describe PNNL’s experience with transactive control and coordination, first practiced in 2006/2007 as the central element of the GridWise Olympic Peninsula Demonstration project,  and now being further developed in the ARRA-funded Pacific Northwest Smart Grid Demonstration and AEP’s gridSmart™ Demonstration.  In addition to the element of control,  transactive control and coordination is designed to engage all types of smart grid assets on a level playing field that provides multiple value streams at all levels of the system.  It is especially focused on those that are bypassed when offering demand-side resources to wholesale markets such as at the localized, distribution level.  Finally, the linkage of transactive energy approaches to broader issues such as achieving energy efficiency will be outlined.   A recording of this seminar is available at:  

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