Low Energy Buildings: CFD Techniques for Natural Ventilation and Thermal Comfort Prediction

February 14, 2013 - 12:00pm
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Malcolm’s presentation will cover both his research and consultancy activities. This will cover the work he has undertaken during his time spent working with architects on low energy building design, with a particular focus on natural ventilation and passive cooling strategies, and the role computer simulation can play in this design process. Malcolm will talk about the simulation techniques employed, as well as the innovative passive design principles that have led to some of the UK’s most energy efficient buildings. In addition to UK building projects, the talk will include work Malcolm completed as part of the design of the LEED Gold award winning Harm A. Weber Academic Center at Judson University, in Elgin, near Chicago. This building, which comprises office and library space, employs a hybrid ventilation and cooling strategy which exploits the maximum benefit from natural ventilation before reverting to air-conditioning during the harsh winter and peak summer months. Malcolm will also talk about recent research projects, including his work on Large Eddy Simulation (LES) of unsteady flows in naturally ventilated buildings and the development of a new simulation system which couples CFD with a model of human thermophysiology and thermal comfort.

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