Materials as a Key to Electro-Mobility with Rechargeable LI Batteries

February 11, 2013 - 12:00pm
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The lithium ion technology is playing a key role in the electrification of the propulsion system in hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) and in pure electric vehicles (EVs). The chemist and materials scientists faces this challenge, which derives from the demands for large-scale energy storage and conversion devices for electric propulsion purposes, by development and application of innovative battery components and concepts. The lithium ion battery has been introduced into the market by 1990/1991 and only by the mid 1990ies significant numbers of batteries have been produced. Within a few years lithium ion became the leading technology in the small format consumer battery market, which is connected to the commercial success of consumer electronic products. Small lithium ion batteries are used world-wide in almost all notebooks, cell phones and camcorders. Beside high energy and power density, the automotive industry expects from these batteries also low cost, high safety and long life. However, energy, in terms of driving distance plays the dominant driving force in the search for new materials. Similar to a modular design principle, the advantage of the lithium ion technology is, that various materials that match best with the demands defined by the application can be combined. Hence, evolutionary technology progress is possible. Due to energy limitations of the lithium ion technology, alternatives are investigated: “Beyond lithium ion technologies”. On the other hand, the incorporation of higher and higher energy contents into smaller and smaller volumes inevitably causes also safety concerns and may considerably affect the life-time. Rational compromises have to be made. This overview presentation will give an insight into battery technology from a materials science point of view. Particular attention will be given to the situation in Germany. The presentation material is designed to be understandable to a general audience.   A recording of this seminar is available at:

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