Integrated Designs to Integrated Operations using BMS

February 6, 2013 - 12:15pm
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The talk will include an introduction to the Infosys green initiatives group and the work that Infosys is doing to achieve carbon neutrality. The talk will further focus on how Infosys is leveraging its integrated design capability into operations by Integrated operations. We are aware of the benefits of integrated building design approach and have been using it in our designs..  In real life the building has to manage a lot of variables like changing occupancy, changing weather conditions, changing loads, changing equipment efficiencies, changing occupants. Intelligent buildings take benefit of these changing needs of the building and use least amount of energy by integrating operations.  Intelligent building systems (also known as building management systems or smart building systems) offer maximum leverage on the diversity within the building. Two third of the talk will focus on Integrated operations using building management systems.   (A recording of this seminar is available at: )

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