Research in Energy Innovation: the Need to Fill Gaps and Manage Uncertainty

November 2, 2012 - 4:00pm
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Innovation in energy technologies is necessary to confront profound challenges facing countries all over the world. Concerns regarding resource availability, the environment, health, national security, competitiveness, and access are driving government efforts to accelerate innovation in energy supply, end-use, and storage technologies.  This talk will outline the tools available to governments to shape innovation in the energy sector and will discuss some of the most important knowledge gaps.  It will then delve into recent research identifying the factors contributing to innovation with a case of wind power in China.  This talk will also cover work estimating and optimizing the future benefits of portfolios of energy R&D investments accounting for technology uncertainty, improving the use of scientific inputs into the policy process, and analyzing the role of public institutions in energy innovation.  The talk will conclude with a summary of future research directions.     A recording of this talk is available on the UCB Energy and Resources Group website at:

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