Energy Usage Information: Lessons from the Credit Reporting Industry.

October 4, 2012 - 12:00pm
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There has been much discussion about the use of customer energy usage information to deliver value, such as with benchmarking tools that compare energy use in a building to a peer set, continuous commissioning services that diagnose faults in building systems, and tools that estimate expected savings from upgrades.  A utility can use customer information to deliver these kinds of services to its customers directly, but most utilities today do not enable companies to obtain a customer’s energy usage information in a systematic, automated way to deliver services to the customer, even if the customer has given permission. The presentation will review how customer account information is shared and used in the consumer credit industry – banks routinely share information, such as loan payment history, with the customer’s permission, with companies that will use that information to deliver products and services to the customer. While the credit reporting system is not without flaws, lessons can be learned from the methods that enable fast, secure, modern credit-related transactions. States and utility commissions are considering how to position utilities to manage large amounts of energy usage information and how customers will obtain energy-related products and services using that data.  To enable innovation, the process of sharing customer information (with customer permission) must be systematic and automated.   Policymakers should consider a framework that expressly permits utilities to automate the fulfillment processes and to engage a vendor to manage the information-sharing function. This will facilitate a more robust marketplace and encourage innovation.   A recording of this seminar is available at:

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