TWENTIES Project: Improving the Integration of Renewable Energy Sources in the European Electricity Networks

August 14, 2012 - 12:00pm
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To meet the 2020 EU targets, more energy efficient end uses will be necessary in the near future requiring large scale energy saving initiatives and a more widespread use of IT. This situation will lead, presumably, to a higher volatility in electricity generation and consumption, and as a consequence, transmission and distribution networks will be operated under more stressful conditions. In order to cope with this situation and to improve the integration of renewable sources in the European electricity network, a joint collaboration between the main actors involved is necessary: Transmission System Operators (TSO), Renewable Energy Companies (RES), Manufacturers, and R&D institutions. The European Commission is aware of this necessity, and by its RD&D funding mechanisms, is supporting collaborative projects that demonstrate through real life experiments the benefits and impacts of these new technologies. The purpose of this seminar is to present the on-going FP7 European project TWENTIES that tries to answer key next questions: What are the valuable contributions (such as ancillary services) that intermittent generation and flexible load can bring to the grid? What should network operators implement to allow for off-shore wind development? How can more flexibility be given to the transmission grid? This seminar will present a brief summary of the main Demonstrations and Work-Packages within TWENTIES project. Some details will be provided about the economic impact analysis ancillary services provision, such as frequency and voltage control, by wind farms clusters.   A recording of this seminar is available at:  

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