Customer Demand Issues in SmartGrids European Platform: Relevant Initiatives

June 26, 2012 - 12:00pm
Seminar Host/Point of Contact: 

SmartGrids technological platform was created by the European Commission in order to develop and identify research topics and objectives to facilitate the implementation of future electric grids. Smart grid is, by definition, user-centric, which implies that enhancing and promoting customer participation in electricity markets and systems, from efficiency to demand response, is a key goal. Efficiency targets in Europe (20% energy reduction in 2020) will probably not be met and, on the contrary, the renewable generation share target of 20% for the same year seems affordable. These facts, together with other possible scenarios, such as the massive deployment of Electrical Vehicles, make Demand Response more attractive and necessary. One of the reasons for the discrete approach of Efficiency and Demand Resources may be found in the lack of customer consciousness rising. The objective of the talk is to present some projects in this area, in Europe, and to share the vision of the Institute for Energy Engineering of the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia towards a further penetration of Efficiency and Demand Resources in electrical markets.  A significant deployment of customer participation requires an international effort to enhance and disseminate the opportunities and benefits that energy monitoring and savings using Demand Response strategies bring to the society.

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