“Sixth Shade” – Measurable Means for impeccable Built Environment

June 12, 2012 - 12:00pm
Seminar Host/Point of Contact: 

Rajan Rawal will talk about state of energy efficiency in buildings in India.  In view of the fact that India is looking at constructing large amount of floor space in near future; is challenged by influx of various technologies; its markets are flooded with numerous products; , it needs to reduce construction time and cost on one hand, and on the other, build capacities for appropriate contextual decision at policy, design and construction level.  Challenges also lie at the institutional level in terms of training manpower to meet societal needs. This talk will emphasize the need to ingrain scientific decision-making process in India in collaboration with the countries which have successfully implemented it.  This talk will elucidate on recent developments in India to meet these challenges in general and work undertaken by Centre for Advanced Research in Building Science and Energy (CARBSE) at CEPT University in particular. How measurable means can help society to pass on the acquired knowledge to future generations to build impeccable built environment will be key focus of this talk. 

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