Smart Building Solutions for Plug-Load Management, Sensing and Control, by Visible Energy, Inc.

June 5, 2012 - 12:00pm
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Visible Energy is a Bay Area startup that has created affordable technology for plug-load management, including monitoring and control on a outlet-per-outlet basis. Visible Energy products presented are the "UFO Power Strip", a four-socket smart power-strip, and the single socket, corded smart-outlet "Monostrip". Both products are connected to the home network and the Internet using a Wi-Fi interface and allow for energy logging and automatic load control. During the presentation a detailed technical description of the products will be provided, together with an overview of the local and remote APIs and other important architectural elements. The presenter will reveal the company's experience with finding new application in energy efficiency both in the consumer and commercial space and how the software interfaces are evolving to cover these needs. Finally, potential collaborative projects opportunities will be discussed, particularly in the areas of Demand-Response and Smart Buildings.

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