Generative Design Systems Applied to Low-Energy Buildings

March 15, 2012 - 12:00pm
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Generative Design Systems (GDS) represent a step beyond parametric models, integrating design goals, building simulations and shape generation. In this seminar, present and future research projects on the application of different GDS to low-energy buildings are discussed. The software GENE_ARCH integrates energy simulations with multicriteria search methods such as pareto genetic algorithms, to locate acceptable alternatives that move the current design towards performance goals set by the user. DIVA, a system that integrates parametric geometrical modeling with Radiance, Daysim and EnergyPlus, is coupled with genetic algorithms, with the goal of finding daylighting solutions that approach user-defined goals. GENE_URB represents an extension of GENE_ARCH to the urban design scale, by including micro-generation in the urban fabric, and assessing outdoor microclimatic conditions. Other current research concepts include URBAN METADATA, a data visualization system that allows metered energy consumption patterns to be visualized over three-dimensional, geo-referenced models of cities. The integration of current design tools into future, higher-level platforms will also be discussed.

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