Green Campus, a Living Lab for the Smart Green Building Technology Integration

March 9, 2012 - 12:00pm
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The reduction of energy use in building sectors is considered to have sustainable energy-saving potentials. Therefore, ITRI, the leading technology research institute in Taiwan, has initiated a spontaneous green campus program and hopes to cut its energy consumption by 30% compared to the year level of 2011 in next six years. The program includes five green low-carbon action plans such as improving the efficiency of building infrastructure, adding intelligent function to existing buildings, utilizing smart grid and power monitoring, shaping a green low-carbon campus culture, and the propaganda of a low-carbon concept and lifestyle.   However, the reduction of energy use is not necessary the only goal of ITRI green campus program. The program also provides a dialog among participants from administration and facility operation departments, and individual research laboratories to work together to indentify any energy-saving potential, accumulate and share successful practices, and ultimately explore the new opportunities to apply high performance equipment and novel energy-saving technologies developed by using ITRI transferred technology. These technologies include high performance air-conditioning equipment, LED lighting and fixtures, wireless data logging, remote sensing of occupant comfort, new building envelope materials, and more. When refurnishing buildings in ITRI, these technologies have been integrated to serve as a demonstration of new technology and system integration. Therefore, the green campus program can not only make the campus greener but also facilitate ITRI’s technology integration and transfer. This talk will provide a description of the green campus program, integrated technologies from different laboratories, and some experiences from executing this green campus program in its early stage.  

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