Potential Prioritization and Management Methods for a Building Efficiency Research, Development, and Deployment Portfolio

January 30, 2012 - 12:00pm
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In this talk we discuss the possibility of using rational cost/impact prioritization metrics as part of the management system for of a diverse portfolio of applied buildings energy efficiency (BEE) research, development, and deployment (RD&D) projects.  We start with a description of a BEE RD&D impact and market transformation framework and provide a description and justification for the concept of quantified portfolio impact productivity and leverage.  We then specify two distinct modeling frameworks for estimating energy saving impact productivity/leverage: The first is a price-efficiency curve impact and innovation framework, and the second is an efficiency technology adoption framework.  We then describe how it is possible to develop a technology portfolio modeling tool to create sorted lists of technologies and projects that can be characterized by their technical potential, "unstaged" economic potential, and “staged” economic potential.    We then discuss potential applications of such a technology portfolio modeling tool in RD&D prioritization and planning.  We conclude with an exploratory discussion of how RD&D practitioners in individual technology areas can potentially contribute to accelerating the technology impact productivity improvement of applied BEE RD&D under such a prioritization framework.   Presentation file at: http://eetd.lbl.gov/LabOnlyWS/Intranet/Pres.html

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