Military 101 for Researchers Working on Military Projects

January 5, 2012 - 12:00pm
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The Department of Defense (DoD) has a stated goal of reducing its energy use and transitioning to renewable energy sources, to lessen the security and budget impact of the $15B+ worth of energy that the armed services consume each year.  To achieve this energy security goal, the Pentagon is developing energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies, often with the help of energy researchers from DOE's national labs. For those researchers interested in working on energy projects in support of the DoD/DOE MOU, EETD is hosting the Military 101 Team for a lunch hour seminar.  This team travels mostly to academic institutions giving an introductory level orientation to military culture.   For researchers more accustomed to working with civilian government agencies, the DoD can seem like a foreign and byzantine world. This seminar, led by a team of ex-military personnel, provides an overview of how the military is organized and operates, to help orient researchers who are new to working with DoD. With the DoD goals of reducing the $15B+ annual energy appetite, this is an exciting time for energy researchers to be working on projects within the DoD. [ A recording of the slides and audio is available at ]

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