Power Line Communication as a Transmission Medium for OpenADR Signals

December 14, 2011 - 1:30pm
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Power Line Communication (PLC) is currently considered an emerging technology and is attracting the attention of the scientific community due to the promise of new ways to transmit information. Since this transmission path reaches wherever electricity is present, one of the main motivations is its use in all kinds of energy-related applications. Some examples are: remote-metering, remote-control and demand management. However, not everything about PLC is advantageous, due to the fact that it uses a physical media, which was not designed for transmit information, and it suffers from several phenomena. The two main issues are reflections due to impedance mismatches and heavy noise environments. The seminar describes how the omnipresence of PLC networks could be integrated with the OpenADR infrastructure. The use of public and open PLC solution (PRIME) is proposed as a way to transmit OpenADR signals to end-users and commercial buildings. A brief description about the characteristic of PRIME will also be provided. This talk will also focus on evaluating the transmission of OpenADR signals using PRIME through a power line channel. WATCH THE RECORDING OF THIS SEMINAR HERE: http://vimeo.com/33697938

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