Seeking a Successful Paradigm for Realizing the Energy Efficiency Potential of the Indian Building Sector

November 11, 2011 - 12:00pm
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Indian Commercial Building Sector has been expanding rapidly both in terms of floor space and in energy intensity over the last decade. The presentation is going to trace a five year journey of the Indian building sector highlighting the important policy and regulations introduced during that time, their impact, the role of voluntary programs, and some key capacity, systemic and structural issues that need to be tackled urgently to realize the promise of the Indian building sector vis-a-vis its energy efficiency potential against the backdrop of worsening energy situation. Specifically, it will look at some of the new initiatives (e.g. promoting energy efficiency in the residential sector and think beyond energy audits and ESCOs to promote energy efficiency in the existingn commercial buildings) that will build on the policies that have largely focused on new construction and the lessons learned from the initiatives. The presentation will draw heavily from the just-concluded USAID-supported ECO-III project - a bilateral initiative between the US and the India Government that supported BEE's building program and from the presenter's experience of having worked closely with the four key stakeholders (both in India and the US) influencing the design and construction of energy efficient buildings - designers, policy makers, educators, and technology providers. It will conclude by highlighting the issues related to capacity in India, challenges with successful replication of pilot projects, contextual R&D, and some of the reasons for the success or under-performance of bi-lateral, and donor funded programs in this sector.

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