Measurement and Verification: Case Studies, Issues, and Recent Developments

October 21, 2011 - 3:00pm
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This talk will facilitate discussion in multiple topics about the practical application of measurement and verification (M&V) to quantify energy savings from energy conservation projects. The presenter’s experience in applying M&V in existing building commissioning (EBCx) programs will be presented in a few case studies. The case studies will be used to highlight issues of concern in applying M&V: amount of data (or length of monitoring period), cost vs. value of M&V, and non-routine adjustments.  

New retrofit isolation and whole-building protocols will be presented. The protocols provide technical guidance and may be applied in adherence with IPMVP’s Options A, B, and C. A new regression-based M&V tool development project, currently underway, will also be described.  

This talk is intended to foster further discussion about the practical application of M&V. The impact of new tools and data collection technologies will also be discussed. A brief survey of the market for M&V services will also be presented.   Slides and audio from this talk are available at


A recording of this talk is available at:

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