Innovation Grants 2011

September 20, 2011 - 12:00pm
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“Innovation Grants 2011” is a pilot program of the Lab Directorate to enhance the commercialization of Lab technologies. If you missed the introduction presentation on September 7, this is your chance to see a repeat presentation. Deputy Lab Director, Horst Simon, launched a call for proposals to accelerate the commercialization of Lab inventions and software. Lab research produces promising inventions, however, many are too nascent to attract the investment of companies and investors because there are too many technical and market unknowns. For those inventions that have strong commercial promise, and for which a modest amount of further development will enhance their commercialization prospects, the Innovation Grants will support these further developmental activities. Proposals must focus on developing reported Berkeley Lab inventions or software and be submitted by a Berkeley Lab career, faculty, or career-track scientist or engineer. All projects must have a clearly stated expected outcome that enhances commercialization, such as building a prototype, proving efficiency at a certain level, demonstrating operating capability under certain conditions, integration with another technology, etc. TTIPM staff will work with each applicant to analyze at the technology’s chances of being licensed and how the proposed Innovation Grant work could increase those chances. The application form and more information is available at:

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