Optimized HVAC Management Service to Enhance Demand Response

August 18, 2011 - 12:00pm
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Many utilities are investing vast sums deploying smart meters to customers, some of whom remain stubbornly opposed to those deployments, in large part because they remain unmoved by the claimed benefits. EcoFactor has developed a thermostat management service that delivers (and quantifies) significant energy savings for consumers and a number of additional benefits to other players in the energy value chain. It does so without relying on consumers to modify behavior, study energy information displays, or even pay attention to their energy use. EcoFactor also significantly boosts DR yield while it increases occupant comfort. It can identify HVAC performance issues, and quantify the benefits of addressing them. And it accomplishes these things with or without smart meters. When EcoFactor’s service is integrated with smart meters, it can optimize for dynamic pricing automatically, thereby creating a concrete consumer benefit from investments in AMI. John Steinberg (co-founder and CEO) will explain how the EcoFactor service works, share results from the field, and discuss how the company is working to make the smart grid a reality that works for consumers and utilities.

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