GE Nucleus for Residential Energy Use Education, Home Energy Management/Control, Residential Energy Integration

August 4, 2011 - 12:00pm
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Home Energy Gateways offer a single point of access to the AMI Smart Meter into the home. The Nucleus is GE’s home energy management gateway. The GE Nucleus securely communicates to a Smart Meter and delivers real-time whole home energy consumption data for display to the Consumer. The Consumer is able to visualize their energy usage habits on a Client that is connected via TLS encryption to the WiFi or Ethernet interface of the Nucleus. The Nucleus records history of the consumer's usage and cost data for tracking of energy consumption habits. GE has a suite of Smart Appliances that report energy usage, and reduce consumption based on price signals. Zigbee communication is enabled to the Appliances on the Home Area Network (HAN) via GE's Appliance Control Module. The Nucleus aggregates usage data of the individual appliances, and acts as a single secure point of communication between the Utility and Consumer Appliances. The Nucleus communicates to various Energy Service Interfaces (ESIs), for example, XML based OpenADR, and Zigbee based AMI meters. All modes of ESI communication are based on the latest standards of encrypted communication. The GE Nucleus and Brillion line of GE Smart Appliances work off of 3 unifying principles: 1. Educate the Consumer about their residential energy consumption, 2. Empower the Consumer to have convenient control of their Appliances and HAN devices, and 3. Integrate Residential the Smart Energy products, such as ESIs, Energy Generation, Energy Storage, and Electric Vehicles.

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