From Pixels to Sensors: Designing and Engineering Sustainable Buildings

March 29, 2011 - 12:00pm
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Building professionals need analytic tools to envision the performance of their designs, make sustainable decisions, and reduce the uncertainty of the outcome. The presentation is centered on an analysis framework that is based on per-pixel lighting information extracted from computer generated and digitally captured High Dynamic Range (HDR) images. The first part of the presentation focuses on the development of computational lighting analysis tools, techniques, and metrics. It provides an overview of the results of research projects completed over the past 15+ years. Particular emphasis is given to recent projects. The research on validation and applications of image based sky models in lighting simulations demonstrates the use of HDR fisheye images of the sky dome in lighting simulations in lieu of standard CIE skies. The results of the research challenge the appropriateness of current sky models, and demonstrate an affordable HDR photography based sky scanner technology to improve long term daylighting measurements with high resolution sky data. The second part of the presentation concentrates on human factors. The research on occupant preference and acceptance of luminance patterns utilizes HDR imaging and a repeated measures design methodology in an office environment. Existing luminance threshold methods are studied for their ability to explain luminance variability of participant assessments of ‘preferred’ and ‘just disturbing’ scenes under daylighting conditions. Per-pixel analysis tools, techniques, and metrics allow the evaluation of complex visual and numerical features of luminous environments with detail, flexibility, and rigor that is not feasible with traditional approaches. Applications and outcome of various research projects exemplify sustainable building practices that provide occupant satisfaction and productivity improvements, and energy savings.

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