Residential Energy Monitoring on a Statewide Level and its Educational Opportunities

March 9, 2011 - 12:00pm
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Gulf of Maine Research Institute's PowerHouse seeks to take advantage of the persuasive abilities of young people by providing them with access to fine-scale electricity use data that they can share with fellow students and with their families. Such an approach places students at the center of their learning, teaching them how to make evidence-based decisions, to participate in public discourse about energy-conservation strategies, and to learn how they can help to influence important family decisions. PowerHouse takes advantage of Maine's 1:1 computing infrastructure, where every 7th and 8th-grader has his or her own laptop computer and high-speed Internet access in every classroom. Combine this powerful learning tool with the highest penetration of smart electrical meters of any state (By Q3, 2011, 95% of Maine households will have smart electrical meters), and Maine provides an unprecedented opportunity to engage young people in reducing electricity consumption at home. By utilizing Maine as a digital testbed, we can experiment with a variety of approaches to determine how best to scale this effort nationally.

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