Demonstration of a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Tool Used for Data Center Modeling, Thermal Analysis and Operational Management

November 11, 2010 - 12:00pm
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Every Data Center built today is designed with a total capacity in mind, as well as a plan to grow into this final-day load. On a daily basis, Data Center Operations/Management professionals work toward keeping their Data Center as close to this plan as possible by concurrently managing the available power, space, cooling and airflow resources. Unfortunately, lack of communication and information, the pace of change and difficulty in coping with the ever growing power densities of IT equipment can prevent a Data Center from operating to plan. This results in unrealized capacity and early end of life for the data center. This presentation will feature a suite of software tools, based on computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis, that is designed specifically to address the challenges of designing and managing the modern Data Center. The suite integrates a CAD-like model building interface, a CFD analysis capability that is tuned for the data center application, a library of data center modeling objects and links to related data center design and operational management tools that open new lines of communication between IT and facilities. This collection of capabilities overcomes two major challenges: effective use CFD analysis in a business environment and active management of airflow which traditionally is dealt with reactively. The result is a solution that helps the Data Center operate to plan and realize the full potential of the initial investment.

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