Overview of the Pacific Northwest Regional Smart Grid Demonstration Project (the largest and most complex funded by DOE)

October 15, 2010 - 12:00pm
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Dave Jollota and James Mater of QualityLogic will present an overview of the Pacific Northwest Smart Grid Regional Demonstration Project. The Project is the largest and most complex of the 16 funded Regional Demonstration Projects and is headed by Battelle NW, BPA, IBM Research, Alstom and 11 NW utilities of all sizes and shapes. QualityLogic’s role is to develop test tools and do interoperability testing as well as help bring in national and international interoperability standards to the Project. The Project focus is on developing a distributed Transactive Control technology (basically, a distributed energy market system) for exchanging cost of energy information within the Northwest Region and facilitating rapid changes in both supply and demand based on the information in the Transactive Control Signals. This is a pioneering approach differing from approaches in use by Regional ISO’s and RTO’s and the core technology is being developed by Battelle NW, BPA, IBM, Alstom and QualityLogic.

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