Scenario Modelling: A Holistic Environmental and Energy Management Technique for Building Managers

September 30, 2010 - 12:00pm

At the operational level of organisations, building managers most commonly evaluate environmental and energy performance. They originate from a variety of technical and non-technical backgrounds with corresponding experiences, knowledge and skill sets. The profile of building managers as established in this work accounts for this diverse variation. Building performance data and information that is typically available for the established profile of building managers is insufficient for optimum operation. This presentaion presents the scenario modelling technique specifically for use by building managers; which unambiguously illustrates the holistic downstream consequences of a change to building operation illustrated through qualitative and quantitative performance objectives and metrics. This structured technique facilitates existing and future monitoring activities by initially defining required-datum-streams at design and then systematically transforming raw data into standardised performance metrics at operation. Performance evaluations are based on comparisons of measured and ideal performance metrics, the latter provided by whole building energy simulation models. The presentation demonstrates the rationale behind the technique and demonstrates its widespread applicability using two existing buildings.

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