A New Digital Lighting Control System

June 29, 2010 - 12:00pm
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When various Lighting Controls components are discussed, they're usually slotted into separate "silos" - Occupancy Sensors, Relay Panels, Dimming Controls, and Daylighting Controls. Trying to combine two or more of these into a single system usually requires a fair amount of technical expertise and often help from different manufacturers. Combine that with the need under LEED to get these systems commissioned, often without detailed sequence of operation information, and that helps to explains why many view Lighting Controls as overly complex. And try to integrate the Lighting Controls into a larger overall building management system so their information can be shared with other systems, and the task becomes even more difficult. WattStopper has introduced a new "Digital Lighting Management" (DLM) system, that seeks to dramatically simplify the connection of different lighting control components, and ensure that out of the box the system will set itself up to save the maximum possible energy. All devices inside a room share the same free topology, low voltage Plug n' Go Cat 5e network allowing them to be quickly installed by the contractors. Adding features like a handheld commissioning tool allows the system's parameters to be easily checked by a commissioning agent or facility engineer. And when dimming is introduced, the same device providing the 0-10V output signal has a built in Current Transducer so true power reading can be recorded. In order to connect the individual rooms together, the DLM system utilizes an open protocol BACnet MS/TP connection, so the Lighting Control devices can communicate with almost any manufacturer's BAS system. Since many of the individual device's settings can be monitored and modified from the BAS system, DLM also represents an opportunity to accumulate data on how the individual components, as well as the overall system, is working. In this seminar, WattStopper's Western Regional Manager will demonstration the new DLM system, discuss applications, and review synergies with energy-efficiency activities at LBNL. A recording of this seminar is available at http://www.vimeo.com/19410641.

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