DOE Commercial Building Partnership Program - An Overview of the Program and Opportunities Within and Outside of LBNL

April 16, 2010 - 12:00pm

LBNL, PNNL and NREL will be launching a new phase of this program on April 19th with Solicitations for new Participants (Building Owners, operators, etc.) as well as a Request for Proposals for Technical Consultant Teams and M&V Consultants  (see and  Successful Participants will commit to building projects with energy savings goals varying from 30% energy savings for retrofit projects, to portfolio-wide adoption of Energy Efficiency Measures (EEMS), to net-zero energy use for new construction, with support from outside Technical Contractors as well as lab resources.  The CBP objective is to develop a set of energy-efficient, market-ready building solutions that will be widely deployable throughout the commercial building sector.  The individual building projects will be thoroughly documented to make a publicly available business case for replicating the many technologies, techniques, and best practices used to achieve high performance.  All projects will have a minimum of one year of energy use measurement and verification with case studies created for each project.  An overview of the project types, energy goals, technical support, and LBNL role will be provided at the seminar.  We will also discuss potential synergies with ongoing EETD research areas and how those may relate to the program.  

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