Wireless Sensor Network Fundamentals

February 8, 2010 - 12:00pm
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Wireless sensor networks have been promising to provide easy data collection and control capability to applications ranging from scientific data collection, disaster recover, national security, and more. The user experience, however, has been filled with confusing terminology, complicated systems, and a lack of interoperability between vendors. Users with a background in the technology and fundamentals are better able to understand system capabilities, make decisions, and end up with a network that meets their needs. Although a sufficient coverage of this topic is at least a semester course, the goal of this talk is to give a brief introduction to the fundamental topics in wireless sensor networks: energy in wireless sensor networks, wireless communication, radio frequency transceivers, and wireless networking. This talk is intended for the novice as well as those with a basic engineering background. The first quarter of the talk will give an introduction to wireless sensor networks. Next, we will cover wireless communication: wireless signal propagation and fading (multipath effects), channel capacity, and signal modulation. The third section will introduce the modern RF transceiver (radio) including the major circuit blocks (LNA, PA, mixer, etc.). The last quarter will consider topics in wireless networking including the network stack, protocols, and interoperability For more information about this seminar, please contact: Rich Brown(510) 486-5896

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