Beyond kWh and kW demand: Understanding the new real-time electric power measurement system in LBNL Building 90

January 14, 2010 - 12:00pm

In the Summer of 2009, LBNL researchers installed end-use sub-metering equipment and associated Energy Information System (EIS) tools to characterize energy use and comfort in Building 90. Seven of 40 key electric loads were measured using advanced meters that make sophisticated real-time measurements of dozens of power flow parameters, power disturbances, and harmonics. The talk will review some electrical engineering fundamentals, how use and interpret data measured in building 90 in real-time. The real-time data available includes power, volt-amps, VAR’s, unbalance voltage and current, voltage and current distortion, frequency, local temperature and humidity, sags, swells, impulses, frequency disturbances, carbon emission equivalents, and more. All of the data can be downloaded as minute-by-minute min/avg/max time-sequence data, or as statistics – means, medians, modes, cumulative probability curves, and more. By measuring and interoperating meter data, we’ve already identified several opportunities for significant energy savings that don’t require any change to the loads at all. To help you understand the measurements, McEachern’s visual Power Quality Teaching program will be distributed on CD-ROM’s to all seminar participants.   Where the meters are located, physically and relative to building power distribution Traditional kWh and 15-minute demand data, and how it varies over time in B90 1-minute and single-cycle peak demand in B90, and what it means Frequency variations in B90 - how far from 60 Hz do we get? Why? What does it mean? THD, TDD, and harmonics: sources in B90, and how they reduce transformer efficiency and increase conductor losses Unbalance and negative-sequence currents in the B90 trailers - the easiest energy problem to fix How to download the Excel files from meters to do your own analysis: URL’s For more information about this seminar, please contact: Dave Watson (510) 486-5564 This seminar was recorded.

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