Building Energy Code and End Use Benchmarking: Improving energy efficiency in Indian buildings and developing climate change mitigation strategies through codes and rating programs

November 3, 2009 - 12:00pm

The building sector in India is experiencing tremendous growth, with gross square footage expected to triple by 2030. While most developed countries have put a heavy emphasis on improving energy efficiency of the existing building stock, India must embrace an energy code that ensures new construction satisfies minimum energy performance standards. India has made significant strides in the last five years in developing and launching the Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC), and has ambitious short- and long-term capacity building programs to assist with nationwide ECBC implementation. In parallel, the Government’s Bureau of Energy Efficiency has launched a national initiative to benchmark energy use in the commercial building sector, as well as inivtiated a national performance rating program (similar to Energy Star buildings) to provide incentives and recognize exemplary performers. For the first time, the benchmarking effort provides commercial building specifications in a country that is cooling-dominated and that is struggling to keep the burgeoning air-conditioning demands in check. A database of existing buildings along with their energy consumption and related parameters is a prerequisite for any performance based ratings. Countries like USA have been collecting such data in form of the Commercial Building Energy Consumption Survey (CBECS) for many years and have used it to develop Energy Star and LEED-EB ratings. This presentation will describe the first national level initiative (jointly undertake by the ECO-III project in partnership with the Bureau of Energy Efficiency) to collect standardized energy use data for more than 500 commercial buildings in India and use statistical analysis to characterize the Indian commercial building sector. Specifically, this study (a) discusses the framework for national level data collection, (b) performs exploratory analysis of whole building energy use across different groups such as use types, climate, operating hours, size, etc. and (c) elucidates the need for performance based rating in the Indian context. It is hoped that the benchmarks developed after the conclusion of the study will aid in monitoring progress in the building sector, and in improving the performance of existing building stock through target setting and aggressive project implementation. For more information about this seminar, please contact: Barbara Adams(510) 486-5958

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