ME EET Seminar: Nanomanufacturing of Flexible Electronics and Energy Systems

October 28, 2009 - 12:00pm

This talk presents an overview of recent work conducted on the nanomanufacturing of flexible electronics and energy systems. Pulsed lasers have been coupled to near-field-scanning optical microscopes (NSOMs) for nanoprocessing, nanomachining, nanolithography and nanodeposition. Interactions of pulsed laser radiation with nanostructures are investigated and shown to substantially improve contact resistance and device performance compared to furnace annealing. New concepts have been demonstrated for the high throughput, directed growth and assembly of nanostructures. Maskless fabrication of functional devices on flexible substrates has been conducted by utilizing nanoparticles in conjunction with laser processing and high-resolution nanoimprinting. Temporally modulated laser irradiation was utilized to sinter gold nano-particles, yielding low resistivity conductors. Selective multi-layered nanoparticle film processing was demonstrated. High-performance electronics, including OFETs (organic field effect transistors) and dye-sensitized solar cells have been demonstrated on flexible substrates. Laser processing combined with high throughput roll-to-roll printing and imprinting has the potential to enable an integrated approach for high-throughput and sustainable manufacturing of optimized energy systems. For more information about this seminar, please contact: Rachel Walton(510) 486-7879

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