A Designed Commercial Building and a Constructed Commercial Building: Why are they different and how can we make them the same?

August 27, 2009 - 12:00pm

Architects and engineers often design buildings to meet certain owner requirements (i.e., a zero-energy building). However, once constructed, owners may find themselves disappointed in the building, as it is not “what they ordered” (i.e., the building is, in fact, not a zero-energy building). This presentation examines the gap between the design process — what owners expect to have in their buildings—and the construction process—what owners do have in their buildings—then explains how stakeholder collaboration can bridge this gap. It introduces the many stakeholders involved in design and construction of a commercial building and highlights the fragmentation between them, which has led to inefficient, and at times, poor-quality construction. Case studies are presented to introduce the benefits of stakeholder collaboration, as well as the challenges associated with it. Further, this presentation discusses the role of BIM software in the design and construction processes, and suggests how BIM can be used during a building’s operation, as well as its design and construction. The presentation is intended to stimulate discussion regarding the stakeholder collaboration(s) necessary to promote efficient energy use during building operation. Kristen Parrish is a recent doctorate of the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at UC Berkeley. Her graduate work focused on understanding stakeholder values and optimizing the structural design process in light of these values. For more information about this seminar, please contact: Ashok Gadgil(510) 486-4435

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