Java Automation Controller and Real-Time Systems

June 29, 2009 - 12:00pm

Java has always been a disruptive technology and now it is breaking the mold in industrial, process, building, and transportation automation systems. For many years, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), the digital versions of old relay-based control systems (such as that used in the NYC Subway system in the late 1800s) have primarily controlled these systems. PLCs are the workhorses of the controls industry but the market is characterized by proprietary, closed, expensive, special-purpose solutions. A Java-based automation controller breaks the mold by allowing control algorithms, which require strict real-time capabilities, to run on essentially off-the-shelf, general-purpose computers and operating systems. Additionally, a key feature is that all the normal features and function of Java and a well-used general-purpose operating system are available on the controller allowing architectural designs which require fewer systems overall. A Java Automation Controller, (JAC) is made possible by the Java Real-Time System - an implementation of JSR-001, the Real-Time Specification for Java. This talk covers the requirements, components and issues of building a JAC including hardware and real-time software: OS, networking, Java RTS and control application. Details of the Sun Java Automation Controller (Blue Wonder) are covered as an example of a JAC. For more information about this seminar, please contact: Sila Kiliccote(510) 495-2615

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