ZigBee Smart Energy Application Profile for Demand Response/Load Control and its implementation on a JAVA-based platform

April 23, 2009 - 12:00pm

ZigBee Smart Energy Application Profile 1.0 is introduced, along with details on the fully interoperable Cluster Library structure. An implementation of the SEP over the cluster library is explained using the Java/Javascript based protocol encoding/decoding engine called the Glue Software Framework (GSF) from Wireless Glue Networks, Inc. Furthermore, OpenHAN utility requirements are discussed, and reasons for a major utility initiative behind ZigBee are also described. Wireless Glue Networks provides ZigBee wireless mesh network configurable software and hardware devices that efficiently enable vertical market suppliers to deliver wireless mesh network solutions across numerous business, consumer, and industrial markets – including the utility driven Smart Energy (SE) and Home Area Network (HAN) application space. We at Wireless Glue believe in lowering barriers to technology adoption. Our mission is to provide companies with a turnkey portfolio of network platform technology- RF modules, firmware, middleware - to help them enter and prosper in the wireless mesh networking market using technology such as ZigBee and IEEE 802.15.4. For more information about this seminar, please contact: JoAnne Lambert 510.486.4835, or send e-mail to JMLambert[at]lbl.gov

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