An Open Systems Model for Providing Universal, Reusable External Power Supplies for Consumer Electronics and other DC Powered Products

October 31, 2008 - 12:00pm
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The power supply model is broken. In the past decade alone, the consumer electronics industry has developed and sold billions of devices that require AC to DC power supplies. Because every new CE device comes with a charger, some 3.2 billion power supplies will be designed and shipped in 2008 alone. And because every electronic product has a unique voltage and current requirement, many incompatible power supplies must be designed, produced, packaged, shipped and discarded unnecessarily. By making power supplies universal and reusable through digital collaboration, manufacturers can eliminate costs, consumers enjoy the convenience of powering any product with any power supply, and significant reductions in solid waste can be achieved. Fortunately, the right way to fix the broken power model is also the green way. Gus Pabon, CTO of Green Plug, will detail one method of doing that. It is done by employing an IC with embedded firmware to add intelligence to a power supply, making it a real-time, dynamically configurable power system. By enabling digital communication between the power supply and the client system, the power supply's voltage is configured and can be dynamically changed to fit the needs of the embedded system. Using two-way communication, a power supply's voltage and power delivery becomes part of a secondary feedback loop. Hence, power sharing between paralleled ports can be managed, and power to each port can be turned-off when no longer needed. For more information about this seminar, please contact: Galen Barbose(510) 495-2593

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