Financing Energy Efficiency Retrofits in Oakland (A Roundtable Discussion)

July 15, 2008 - 12:00pm
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Cities around the country are developing large-scale programs to retrofit portions of their housing stock, seizing the 'low-hanging fruit' of energy efficiency.  As buildings account for roughly 40% of energy consumption in the U.S., such efforts can substantially reduce carbon-based energy use while providing jobs and growing the local green economy.  The main barriers to this work are the necessary upfront capital, the risk of losing investment if properties are sold before savings are realized, and the issue of "split incentives" in rented housing units.  In order for Oakland to establish a successful and equitable energy efficiency program, an innovative financing mechanism must be developed.  The Ella Baker Center for Human Rights is interested in discussing the intricacies of such a program, including best practices, funding sources, policy options and challenges, such as split incentives.

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