Efficient and Renewable Energy Programs in Ghana

July 10, 2008 - 12:00pm
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Efficient and renewable energy programs in Ghana have been rapidly progressing and expanding over the past several years. This talk reviews clean energy projects in Ghana with both a review of historical progress and an outline of future plans. The Institute of Industrial Research of Ghana, in collaboration with volunteer partners from Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory and Emery High School, has made rapid progress on refrigerator efficiency, high efficiency stoves, and solar-powered LED lighting systems for households over the past year.  These collaborative projects complement the Institute's own efforts in the areas of biogas, biodiesel, and small-scale wind power demonstration. In the next year, we plan on expanding our projects both in size and in scope. This includes both the continued expansion and implementation of the refrigerator, stove and solar lighting project and new projects in carbon crediting, housing construction methods and materials, water supply and treatment, and ceiling fan efficiency standards. After a review of progress to date, and the motivation behind some of our current projects, we will highlight selected future areas of research and development and some of the specific challenges and questions that we plan to investigate in the coming year.

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