Expediting Home Energy Conservation through Innovative Marketing and the Web 2.0 Community

May 5, 2008 - 12:00pm
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(With two additional speakers):Jay Taneja (EECS PhD, Wireless Embedded Systems Lab)Xiaofan Jiang (EECS PhD, Wireless Embedded Systems Lab) Public awareness and concern for environmental issues, including climate change, are at an all time high, but consumers have very little information about what they can do in their everyday lives to address these issues.  Besides driving a hybrid car and replacing incandescent light bulbs, many consumers find the options to improve the sustainability of their lifestyle to be elusive, limited, or prohibitively expensive. Our work empowers residential homeowners to save money and minimize their environmental impact through reduced electricity consumption, spurred on by the simple premise that awareness and control lead to behavioral change. We seek to expedite this behavioral change through innovative marketing strategies with home electronics retailers, as well as community-based, web 2.0 systems.

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