Wind Power Development in the United States: The Perfect (Wind) Storm?

February 25, 2008 - 12:00pm

Wind power development is booming in the United States and worldwide. In 2007, a record 5.2 GW of new wind power capacity was installed in the US (more than doubling the previous record set in 2006), making wind power the second-largest new resource (in terms of nameplate capacity) added to the US grid for the third consecutive year. An examination of development pipelines and key interconnection queues suggest that wind’s strong growth is likely to continue into 2008 and beyond. This presentation will explore the recent wind power development boom from within the context of the Electricity Markets and Policy Group’s wind-related work. Specifically, drawing upon past and present EMP group work, the presentation will explore the confluence of market drivers that have propelled wind power from the fringes toward the mainstream of the power sector. These drivers include improved technology, favorable policy, competitive economics, mitigation of both fuel price and environmental risk, and financial innovation. The presentation will conclude by touching on the primary challenges to sustained growth in this sector. For more information about this seminar, please contact: Chuck Goldman(510) 486-4637

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