Magnets, Materials, Neutrons, and Beyond

February 25, 2008 - 12:00pm
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As liquids crystallize into solids on cooling, spins in magnets generally form periodic order. Nickel Gallium Sulfide (NiGa2S4), however, is an interesting example of a two-dimensional triangular lattice antiferromagnet where geometrical frustration and low dimensionality precludes conventional ordering even at low temperatures. Magnetic neutron scattering was used to explore the unusual spin correlations that exist. The divergence of NiGa2S4 from a typical antiferromagnet and the methodology used to obtain these results will be discussed on a level suitable for a diverse audience. Neutron scattering is a useful tool for studying materials and systems beyond magnets. Applications of this technique to the analysis of energy technology will be briefly discussed along with the speaker\'s future interest in energy systems, policy, and technology.

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