CANCELED: Trends in Industrial Energy Efficiency - the Role of Standards, Certification, and Energy Management in Climate Change Mitigation

January 31, 2008 - 12:00pm

THIS SEMINAR HAS BEEN CANCELED. WE MAY RESCHEDULE IT SOON. The industrial sector represents more than one third of both global primary energy use and energy-related carbon dioxide emissions. In developing countries, the portion of the energy supply consumed by the industrial sector is frequently in excess of 50% and can create tension between economic development goals and a constrained energy supply. Further, countries with an emerging and rapidly expanding industrial infrastructure have a particular opportunity to increase their competitiveness by applying energy-efficient best practices from the outset in new industrial facilities, or miss this opportunity- either permanently or for decades until these facilities are scheduled for major renovation. Despite this potential, policy makers frequently overlook the opportunities presented by industrial energy efficiency to have a significant impact on climate change mitigation, security of energy supply, and sustainability. The common perception holds that energy efficiency of the industrial sector is too complex to be addressed through public policy and, further, that industrial facilities will achieve energy efficiency through the competitive pressures of the marketplace alone. There is ample evidence from research in the US, the EU, the UN, and elsewhere that contradicts these assumptions. The growing focus on climate change mitigation is a major driver behind increased interest in industrial energy efficiency policy. This talk presents an overview of current research and policy trends designed to address the most common barriers to greater industrial energy efficiency- those of complexity, competing priorities, lack of awareness, and market risk, both perceived and real. Some significant trends include: energy efficiency standards applied to industrial operations rather than equipment; strategies to integrate active energy management with management of other resources such as materials and labor; third-party certification of energy efficiency as a path to developing market recognition, and the role of advanced controls and enterprise management software in enabling these developments. Learn how these trends are likely to have far-reaching consequences beyond industry in sectors as varied as retail, government, data centers, and transport. For more information about this seminar, please contact: Galen Barbose(510) 495-2593

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