Daylighting the New York Times Headquarters: Moving Daylighting from Niche to Mainstream Markets

October 3, 2007 - 12:00pm
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The recently completed New York Times Headquarters building will feature arguably the most technologically advanced daylighting systems in the world. This seminar will present not only how the project came to fruition but also the process for ensuring that the daylighting systems will result in increased comfort and energy performance.  The methods and lessons learned through the implementation of this innovative building are applicable to other daylighting projects, large and small. In collaboration with The Times, a 4500 square foot mock-up was constructed to study and solve the daylighting system challenges and explore the details of the shading, lighting, and lighting controls system requirements.  Manufacturers were motivated to accelerate product development to meet the challenging specifications set by lessons learned at the mockup, leading to a competitive marketplace where previously few products with limited features had been offered.  To ensure proper performance after the systems were installed, commissioning and verification strategies were deployed on a large scale in the final building.  The unique collaborative approach between the building owner, manufacturers, the architectural and engineering team, and LBNL created a productive environment for dynamic problems solving, resulting in an expected successful outcome for the final building.

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