Transport and CO2 Emissions in Developing Countries: Doing it right the first time

June 22, 2007 - 12:00pm
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In my last presentation at LBNL (Summer 2001) I discussed work with energy and CO2 indicators undertaken during my six years at the IEA. This talk will focus on EMBARQ's work on urban transportation in developing countries (Mexico, China, India, and Viet Nam), with a prospective look at some new EMBARQ projects.  Many of these efforts are reviewed at . Several of the most recent efforts will be presented at the World Congress on Transportation Research, to be held at UC Berkeley 23-28 June. EMBARQ's work around the world is supported by our two global strategic partners, the Shell Foundation and the Caterpillar Foundation. With their support we have been working in a number of the world's largest cities, including two in China, as a catalyst for socially, financially, and environmentally sound solutions to the problems of urban mobility.

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