Santa Barbara County, Fossil Free by 2033: Technical and Economic Analysis

May 24, 2007 - 12:00pm
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The goal of Santa Barbara's Community Environmental Council is a net zero consumption of fossil fuel in the county by 2033 (see, and therefore a zero emitter of CO2.  This nonprofit organization has sponsored numerous technical studies exploring renewable energy production and energy conservation, and most recently our present economic study.  This presentation brings together the information of the technical studies, exploring the future mix of tangible energy sources that can render the central coast carbon neutral. Wind power plays pivotally into the production of renewable energy, and methods of mitigating the power source's variability are discussed along with demand response mechanisms.  GREET is used to estimate vehicle turnover rates and future fleet mileage as well as alternate fuel penetration.  Lastly, we estimate the amortized cost to the consumer, which is negative Santa Barbara constitutes approximately 1% of California's population and energy consumption.  The analysis is in progress and will hopefully be extended to San Luis Obispo as well as Ventura, and displayed as an example/challenge for other communities.  While the forecasting methods are not exhaustively rigorous, discussion is broad and will hopefully be thought provoking.  Listener input will be appreciated.

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